Our bass player - Chris Harriss

Chris Harriss
Born in 1935, and joined the Life Boys (Junior Boys Brigade) in 1945 and then in 1947 at the age of 12 became a member of the 41st London Boys brigade company, with approx. 80 members and a Brass Band.

Began playing the Cornet, then progressing from 3rd Cornet, to 2nd Cornet, Repiano Cornet and then on to the front row at the age of 16. At this time there was 12 Boys Brigade bands in London and the Home Counties, and they also held their own Contests, we were crowned the Champions for 3 years running! As we were the Champions we played the Hymns at the opening service at the Royal Albert Hall annual Boys Brigade displays, a 20 minute TV program and for the 1951 Festival of Britain I played at Buckingham Palace to King George the VI.

Whilst living in North London in 1951 I was invited to join the Enfield Central Band (Championship Section Band London & Home Counties) on Tenor Horn, one of the best Bands in the South Of England. Playing every home game at Tottenham Hotspur Football matches. I was then playing the Baritone at this stage.

My family moved to Harlow in 1952 and in 1953 I did my National service in the RAF, and the last 18 months of which I played in South Wales with Barry Silver. Finaly being de-mobed back to Harlow.

In 1958/59 Harlow Brass Band was formed so I started playing again, I then joined the Epping Band on 2nd Euphonium and after a number of years I ended up on Eb Bass.

Having been with Epping Forest Band for 25 years, 1960 – 1985, Chairman for a Number of years and in 1985 officialy opening the bands own band room, reaching the 3rd Section national area contest at Watford achieving 2nd place out of 29 Bands! Conducted By Dr Dennis Taylor.

Today I am back to my roots playing with the Harlow Brass Band, also playing with the Harlow Salvation Army Fellowship Band and the Brass of St Mary’s ( Sheering) Brass Quartet.

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