Sunday 24 July
Harlow Museum
3:15 - 4:00 (provisional)
Harlow Museum
Muskham Rd, Harlow CM20 2LF
Summer fete at St Mary at Latton, Harlow.
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There has been a brass band in Harlow since the latter part of the nineteenth century, and we are all very proud to continue this tradition. We provide live music for the local community at fetes and other events throughout the year, and also present concerts in the Spring and at Christmas. Our repertoire consists of traditional Brass Band music as well as contemporary pieces and Brass Band arrangements of popular music.

Although at present the band does not contest we are of 4th section standard.
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Player vacancies

The band always welcomes new players of any ability. Our vacancies are listed below, but if you play any brass instrument you would be most welcome to come along for a blow.


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Pedro Sampaio - our MD

Pedro Sampaio is a talented and versatile tuba player and long termed music mentor of pupils of all ages. More recently he has been revealed as an aspiring and enthusiastic conductor known for the originality and boldness of his performances. Pedro enjoys connecting with the public taking the music straight to the hearts of its listeners.
It was at the Portuguese Navy Band in Lisbon that Pedro boosted his professional musical career and where he networked with many renowned musicians and conductors, however always ambitioning more. Pedro left Portugal seeking new challenges overseas and more opportunities to share his knowledge and develop his musical skills. More recently Pedro has been tightly engaged with the ‘Passion for Conduction Academy’ and has been adding complicated conducting techniques to his repertoire.
Dividing his time between teaching and conducting, Pedro holds currently two positions as musical director, one at the Harlow Brass Band, and also at the Francis Crick Institute, an orchestra of scientists of which Pedro is a co-founder.
Pedro’s educational path started in Portugal, with a degree in wind instrument followed by a post-graduate degree in Music Vocational Education. Nevertheless, Pedro never stopped developing his skills as a musician and an artist and he was always cheered by his students and seen as a role model, early in his career as a head of teacher music coordinator of El Systema partition in Portugal ‘Orquestra Geração’, and later, already in the UK, as part of the Nucleo. Pedro’s journey was always fruitful and resourceful, and his networking in the area is unprecedented.
Always having the human factor in consideration, and given his empathic nature, Pedro has engaged in many courses and training to develop his social and interactive skills, together with his kind nature makes Pedro an excellent conductor and a remarkable leader.
We are delighted to have him at Harlow Brass Band!
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